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14 November 2020

Ernesto Benavides, Peru

Agence France-Presse

Presidential Vacancy

Peru saw its greatest political instability in 20 years in mid-November. On 9 November, the Peruvian national congress impeached President Martin Vizcarra, who was widely popular as an anti-corruption crusader. Protests began in Lima and spread around the country. Congress speaker Manuel Merino was installed as interim president on 10 November, sparking accusations of a parliamentary coup. Protests intensified, with National Marches on 12 and 14 November. Merino resigned on 15 November. A new president, Francisco Sagasti, was inaugurated two days later.

When we see stories of protests and riots, it is very common to find similar scenes that are repeated in several frames. In this particular story, where the political crisis lasted only a week, the photographer had the ability to show a variety of situations with precise editing, ending the story with a symbolic, representative photo that tells us more about the place of the facts.

Pilar Olivares, General Jury member

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