3rd Prize Singles, Portraits

23 August 2020

Tatiana Nikitina, Russia

In Flight

A father teaches his autistic daughter, Ksenia (10), to launch a toy plane in Moscow, Russia, on 23 August.

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental disorder that affects communication and behavior. People on the autism spectrum may have difficulty with communication and interaction with other people, show restricted interests and repetitive behavior, and can react impulsively to environmental stimuli, which means it can be more challenging for them to function well at work, school, or in other areas of life. The concept of autism is quite new in Russia, where there is frequently a negative attitude to people who have such behavioral disorders, and people are often ashamed of being on the autism spectrum. Not many medical and non-medical professionals are familiar with autism, and it is frequently misdiagnosed. Parents of children with ASDs can experience difficulty in finding support programs.