3rd Prize Stories, Nature – Nominee, World Press Photo of the Year

10 June 2020

Luis Tato, Spain

Locust Invasion in East Africa

"In early 2020, Kenya experienced its worst infestation of desert locusts in 70 years. Desert locusts (Schistocerca gregaria) are potentially the most destructive of the locust pests, as swarms can fly rapidly across great distances A single swarm can contain between 40 and 80 million locusts per square kilometer, and each locust can eat its weight in plants each day. Locusts produce two to five generations a year, depending on environmental conditions. Prolonged wet weather encourages breeding and produces large swarms that travel in search of food, devastating farmland. "

We have to tell the rest of the world what is happening here in East Africa. People are losing crops, and COVID makes the situation worse. We have a crisis.

Mulugeta Ayene, General Jury member