Outstanding Instructive Interactive –Nominee, World Press Photo Interactive of the Year


Birth in the 21st Century Barret Cooperativa / Lab RTVE / À Punt Mèdia

Birth in the 21st Century

Birth in the 21st Century is an interactive documentary that follows the stories of five women during their pregnancy and childbirth, before and during the coronavirus pandemic. The experience invites the viewer inside the delivery room of the Hospital Universitario de La Plana, in Villarreal, Spain, where a team of midwives specialized in humanizing birth support women through childbirth in a way that is designed and developed with a deep respect for their bodies, their babies, and their rights. Participatory elements, such as an interactive birth plan, render Birth in the 21st Century an educational tool that offers vital insight into contemporary birth practices.

Director/Screenwriter/Photography/Editor: Claudia Reig
Interactive Media Director/Producer/Sound Recording/Music: Àlex Badia
Screenwriter/Photography/Editor/Executive Producer for Barret: Dani Fabra
Web Design/Development: Vicent Ibáñez
Photography: Vicent Peris
Head of Post Production: Dani Palau
Editor: Lucía Fos
Executive Producer for À Punt: Ana Alemany
Executive Producer for RTVE: Alberto Fernández
Executive Producer for RTVE: Miriam Hernanz
Executive Producer for RTVE: César Peña
Data Visualization/motion graphics: Ana Tudela
Data Visualization/motion graphics: Antonio Delgado (DATADISTA)
Sound Recording: Víctor Suárez
Additional Photography: Borja Vázquez
Assistant Editor: Laura García
Assistant Editor: Andrea Casino